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Science is changing our world: It captures our imagination but also raises many questions. My life as a science journalist constantly moves between the spheres of science, media and the general public. I bring these worlds together – by writing, by moderating and by counseling. I work with editorial offices, with scientists and science organizations, and with companies.

And it will be a pleasure to work with you.


October 18, 2018
Panel discussion “What Germans think about technology”
Germans are sceptical when it comes to ensuring a better future with technology, but they use certain applications with enthusiasm and are interested in new developments. These are results of the representative survey “TechnikRadar 2018”. After a presentation of the multifaceted outcomes, I will moderate a public discussion with experts from research and politics at the Körber Foundation, Kehrwieder 12, 20457 Hamburg.

On the special topic of “Older People and Technology”, I interviewed the head of the study, Professor Cordula Kropp

September 6, 2018
Talk with the author “On the Art of Delivering Bad News Well”
Public reading and conversation with Professor Jalid Sehouli, Director of the Clinic for Gynaecology at the Charité, about his new book on doctor-patient communication in difficult situations. The event is part of the Berlin International Literature Festival (Institut Français, Kurfürstendamm 211, Berlin-Charlottenburg; start: 7 pm).

July 25, 2018
Panel discussion “Our Future in Science
What are the prospects for the next generation of scientists? Experts from research, politics and science communication will discuss this question during a conference hosted by doctoral students from several Helmholtz Centres. The conference “Helmholtz goes Digital” takes place at the Geoforschungszentrum (GFZ) in Potsdam.

New texts

…„I can do natural sciences, I like natural sciences” – this is the feeling that the “House of Little Researchers” Foundation wants to convey to children. How they do it, I describe in my article „Chain Reaction for Life”.

New beginnings in Africa: In a report on the Berlin Demography Forum 2018, I discuss what must happen to enable young Africans to have a future worth living in their homeland.

…Unlike in the past, three generations in a family are now the norm and even four-generation constellations are no longer uncommon. „The grandparents are coming” is the title of my report on the findings of a new field of research.

…The hands-on-exhibition „Ey Alter“ – currently hosted in Berlin – invites visitors on a voyage of discovery into their own future. My experience report can be found here.

…Sociologist Cordula Kropp explains in an interview. what older people think of robot cars, smart homes and the increasing digitization of everyday life.

Frail was yesterday: Experts recently explained how strength in old age is possible at a symposium in Berlin.

Cheerful in the vintage zone: My report on a writer’s reading by the journalist Susanne Meyer in Berlin.


Humboldt Kosmos “, the magazine of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, received two awards. Issue 103 (editorial office: Georg Scholl / Lilo Berg) was awarded in the Best of Corporate Publishing competition as well as in the efficiency competition of the communications industry “Fox Awards”. The jury’s decision was based on journalistic quality, overall concept and cross-media interdependence.